Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Sound Of Climate Silence: Romney And Obama Love Fossil Fuels

Did you also find it odd that both candidates last night seem to support fossil fuels? at times it seemed they were attacking each other for the lack of their support for coal, oil drilling etc... seems fossil fuels are the winners of this upcoming election!
A good read from Scientific American Blog: No Nukes + No Fracking = More Coal? : "If we shut down Indian Point and other nuclear power plants, we will become even more dependent—at least for the foreseeable future–on fossil fuels, which, in addition to spewing out toxic pollutants, also contribute to global warming.
Germany illustrates the problem. After Fukushima, German announced that it would close its nuclear power plants by 2022. But to meet its energy needs, Germany has had to build new fossil-fuel plants, including one of the biggest coal facilities in the world. As The Washington Post reported, “Germany’s dilemma shows how difficult it is to balance competing environmental priorities, even with vast resources and popular support for the efforts."

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