Thursday, 4 October 2012

A great resource: things worse than nuclear power

A great resource put together by a couple of MIT engineers: The fear of nuclear power is mainly from a widespread misunderstanding and fear of radiation:
See the link for "the real waste problem, solar edition":
Also see: "There is no insane spike, and definitely not to over 7,000 counts let alone 1,700. You can get the excel data for EACH hour from me (email worsethannucpow @ gmail) or get it yourself from the EPA at
There is not a nuclear plant in the area, let alone (as previously established in one of the reddit edits) there is no appreciable DOD land in the area. What is more likely to cause a small increase in radiation readings and maybe even an explosion is natural gas fracking, which is very common in the general area (Ohio is in the top 7 states for number of fracking wells) and has even caused earthquakes in Ohio (confirmed by the USGS- U.S. Geological Survey). Natural gas fracturing injects radioactive tracers into the ground in order to map out a well. This fact is not something they want publicized too much. They also inject millions of gallons of fluids in order to explode underground and release natural gas trapped in the rock."
This is also quite good: 
"The past year in Japan, the country has used between 6-10% less power but produced approximately 20-30% more carbon emissions (as well as other pollution- SO2, NOx, ozone, etc, which goes along with that).  While it is not easy to find in the news, Japan has seen a doubling of the use of oil, a 30% increase in liquified natural gas, and a 5% increase in the use of coal. (Reuters imports report)
All of these imports have meant that for the first time in many years, Japan has a trade deficit.  And because they are planning to permanently shut down their nuclear plants, the deficit, a depressed economy further kneecapped by expensive and unreliable energy, the carbon emissions, and the pollution are there to stay.  The Kyoto protocol, signed in Japan, simply cannot be met by a Japan without nuclear power-- even with drastic conservation." 
Also don't miss:
Also a great resource:
This is also a must read: "Why has the anti-nuclear movement succeeded? It is easy and tempting to write-off its success to dishonourable actions from the leadership of the movement which:
- Lies
-Distorts information
-Grants itself the luxury of being single-issue, and ignores the rest of the world’s problems when they don’t suit them
- Uses fear-mongering freely and to great effect
-Never, ever feels obliged to correct the record when their fear-mongering is subsequently shown to be completely false"
This is also a great resource:

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