Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Radiation saves the bees!

Quite neat!: Radiation saves the bees! "beehives are irradiated in the same way as food products, medical devices and agricultural-based products. Items—including bee-free hives—are placed on a long conveyor belt that passes under an 18-foot-long, 50-kilowatt, 10-million-electron-volt linear accelerator. Electron pulses each 200 microseconds long kill any organisms in the hives by disrupting their DNA with no residual chemicals or hazardous materials generated by the process. The slower the conveyor belt moves, the higher the dose of electrons.
U.S. Department of Agriculture scientist Jeff Pettis says that although the practice is only “reasonably common” right now, it may prove a useful tool to combat Colony Collapse Disorder, an abrupt disappearance of worker bees that has been known to wipe out more than three quarters of a beekeeper’s colonies."

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