Thursday, 18 October 2012

Clear Case for Nuclear Power in Fighting Climate Change

A must watch talk given by Ohio State University Physicist, Professor Gordon Aubrecht: Clear Case for Nuclear Power in Fighting Climate Change: "In this TEDx talk posted online Monday, Ohio State University physics Professor Gordon Aubrecht makes a compelling case for more nuclear power in the face of climate change and the existing slate of technologies to meet growing energy demand.
In the long term, he sees solar technology serving as the world's primary source of power. Until that happens, though, he said, "We cannot afford, as the human race, to continue to do this to our planet, and so we need to get to a future where we can use that solar energy. To get there we need a bridge, and I think that bridge is nuclear energy."
In addition to presenting data elaborating on the history and potential consequences of climate change, he outlined nuclear power's advantages compared to fossil fuels in terms of energy density and environmental impact.
He also noted that, if American coal plants were regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, they would be shut down for exceeding the limits on radiation releases imposed on nuclear plants."

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