Thursday, 11 October 2012

Nuclear industry preparedness for the unexpected

Nuclear industry preparedness for the unexpected: "If there is one longstanding silver lining from the tragedy of Fukushima, it is that the nuclear industry will continue to use the event as a benchmark for improving safety at nuclear plants around the world.
Of course, the same thing occurred following the Three Mile Island accident in the US in 1979, and the terrorist attacks in the US in 2001.
Fukushima, however, will remain the industry barometer for what could go wrong, as two natural disasters combined to create the worst nuclear disaster in history.
The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has responded quickly since Fukushima. The agency has established the Japan Lessons-Learned Project Directorate, a group of more than 20 full-time employees focused exclusively on implementing the recommendations and related activities of the NRC’s Japan Near-Term Task Force (NTTF).
The result? Increased preparedness and a feeling -- in the US at least -- that the nuclear industry is prepared for anything."

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