Monday, 11 July 2011

UK wants to be a serious nuclear nation once again

UK wants to be a serious nuclear nation once again, Charles Hendry, energy minister said last week: "My view is that nuclear is vital for the energy sector today and can be just as vital many years in the future. And that's why we don't want to see one nuclear power plant built, but we want to see a fleet. But for that to happen we need certainty and clarity for industry and investors." ... "Hendry noted that the government, and its predecessor, had been systematically identifying and addressing the issues that could block investment in nuclear power.
"We must go forward with new nuclear and we would be a darker and less prosperous nation without it. After more than a decade since we built the last plant, there should be no doubt that UK wants to be a serious nuclear nation once again," concluded Hendry." Read more:​org/NP-Britain_to_return_as_se​rious_nuclear_nation-0507111.h​tml
... note that France has also serious plans for maintaining and expanding its programs on nuclear energy: "French President Nicolas Sarkozy has confirmed plans to invest €1 billion ($1.4 billion) in future nuclear programs including fourth generation reactor research." See:​​s_nuclear_with_%E2%82%AC1_​billion_pledge2806117.html
What is Canada's plan??? Is there a national strategy? Where is the debate/discussion/national​ dialougue that is required to determine the national strategy???​age/view/macdonald-07-11-2​011

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