Sunday, 10 July 2011

How to win argument for producing electricity by nuclear energy with zero carbon emission

In light of the post below on Q&A with Bill Gates, this is also a good read trying to answer why anti-nuclear movement has had some track in countries like Australia and how to win zero carbon electricity by nuclear power argument: "in South Australia around 720g CO2-e/kWh (which is one of the lowest levels in the country I might add. NSW, Victoria and Queensland are all much higher), compared to a mere 90g CO2-e/kWh in nuclear dominated France.":​07/08/why-pro-nuclear-has-fail​ed-when-anti-nuclear-has-succe​eded/
And here you could find the greenhouse gas emissions from power generation by different methods, as seen: "Nuclear energy is among those energy sources producing very low levels of carbon dioxide emissions from their full life cycle. It is closely comparable with renewables such as wind, solar and hydro in this respect."​rg/why/greenhouse_gas_from​_generation.html

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