Sunday, 17 July 2011

For climate’s sake, nuclear power is not an ‘option’, it is a ‘necessity’

A great read by Barry Brook, Director of Climate Science at the University of Adelaide (Australia), on why "For climate’s sake, nuclear power is not an ‘option’, it is a ‘necessity’" with detailed arguments, lots of great references for further reading, graphics and videos:​1/07/17/nuclear-climate-necessity/ "Our sustainable energy future depends critically on choices made today. Some countries in the developed and developing world has already made their choice – for them, the only open question is, how big will their nuclear programmes get? For most others, there remains great uncertainty. I urge green groups to become rational ‘Promethean environmentalists’ – ecopragmatists – and support all forms of low-carbon energy such that they can work together and compete on a fair and level playing field to displace coal, gas and oil as quickly as possible. There may be no silver bullet for solving the climate and energy crises, but there are bullets, and two are made of uranium and thorium. As Ben Heard and I say in our sustainable energy choices video, we have to choose to act – now."
Also check out this 2-part article by him on why renewable energy, from sunlight, wind, waves and plant life cannot fix the energy and climate crises:​/2011/05/09/renewables-are​-not-sufficient-p1/ and​/2011/05/12/renewables-are​-not-sufficient-p2/ "Nuclear power, not renewable energy or energy efficiency, will probably end up being the primary global solution to the climate and energy crises. This is the emergent result of trying to be honest, logical and pragmatic about what will and will not work, within real-world physical, economic and social constraints."

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