Monday, 18 February 2013

Time for a game-changing nuclear technology

Food for thought: Time for a game-changing nuclear technology:"Truly new approaches to nuclear energy have not been developed because the nuclear industry has good reasons to be extremely risk averse, and government policies discourage the innovation and science-based discovery that could advance nuclear power.
It may be time for physicists, the professionals who led the creation of nuclear reactors, to take a hard look at the science of new materials and research on new processes to help continue the development of radically new technologies like those indicated above to provide energy for many centuries. The nuclear industry needs a major paradigm shift toward better economics, improved safety, proliferation reduction, and reduction of nuclear waste. At the very least, we need to inspire our youth to explore the possibilities. Engaging those who only know one approach to nuclear power will not change anything. Basic logic and Albert Einstein’s famous quote dictate that you cannot solve a problem with the same reasoning that was used to create it in the first place. However, changing the constraints can change the solution."

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