Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bruce Power: Nuclear up, Coal down

A great video by Bruce Power: Nuclear up, Coal down: "Ontario is counting on Bruce Power to generate over 25 per cent of the province’s electricity to the end of the decade and for generations to come. The investment in low-cost power from the Bruce Power site has and will continue to be a key component in supporting Ontario’s ambitious plan to phase out coal.
During our first 11 years of operation, Bruce Power has revitalized the Bruce site and transformed it into the largest operating nuclear facility in the world. With eight operating units, the site will produce up to 6,300 megawatts, well over a quarter of Ontario’s electricity.
Through $7 billion of private investment, Bruce Power will have doubled the number of operational units on the Bruce Power site; transformed the workforce through new hiring and training; extended the life of operating units through innovation; and positioned the site for long-term stability.
Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan has earmarked the Bruce Power site to generate 6,300 MW in the coming decades as the province relies on our site to power one out of four homes, schools, businesses, farms, and hospitals with low-cost, highly reliable, clean electricity. To achieve this, Bruce Power’s investors will need to invest billions to continue to extend the life of the remaining units on the site."

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