Thursday, 17 January 2013

Waste encapsulation: nuclear sector keeps eye on Finland’s progress

Waste encapsulation: nuclear sector keeps eye on Finland’s progress: " A total of 9,000 tonnes of uranium fuel is planned to be disposed of from the four existing plant units that are operated by Posiva's owners TVO and Fortum, as well as Olkiluoto 3 currently under construction, and Olkiluoto 4 that is in the pipeline for the future.
The project has become a reality after 30 years of research, that has been in process ever since the commissioning of the existing nuclear plants, and the plans consist of a hybrid of two interconnected nuclear facilities, of an above-ground encapsulation plant and an underground final repository.
The repository will be built at a depth of between 400-500 metres that will consist of a tunnel network to be built in stages alongside all the related technical facilities.
Timo Seppala, communications manager for Posiva, explains: “The development of the final disposal unit has come after three decades of development, but the idea is not globally new and the model of this kind of final disposal unit has been based on what has happened in Sweden.” "

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