Friday, 23 November 2012

Gas industry joins anti-nuke movement

Why this is not surprising!??? Gas industry joins anti-nuke movement: "A new nuclear debate is starting to percolate in Ontario.
At industry conferences and in the corridors of Queen's Park, energy activists are questioning whether Ontario should invest billions in new nuclear energy units.
But these activists aren't the longtime foes of the nuclear industry, who based their arguments on moral and environmental grounds.
They're working for corporate clients and asking hard questions about the economics of nuclear power, given the alternatives, like plentiful natural gas.
They're suggesting that producing electricity with gas may be cheaper, faster and less risky than building new nuclear units.
"In our view it's going to be extremely challenging for any government in the future in this province to do new nuclear," Jason Chee-Aloy of consulting firm Power Advisory LLC said in a recent presentation. "From a pure dollars and cents cost point of view, there are real issues with it," he told the Association of Power Producers of Ontario (APPrO).
Chee-Aloy is not a fringe player. He's an economist and former senior energy bureaucrat with the Ontario Power Authority.
The skepticism is a direct challenge to Ontario Power Generation's proposal to build two new reactors, each capable of producing 1,000 megawatts, at its Darlington nuclear station.
Bruce Boland, senior vice-president of OPG, makes the case for building new nuclear units.
"Same reason we've done nuclear in the past," he said in an interview. "Reliable, relative low cost power, and very clean."

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