Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Uses of Uranium: medical isotopes

The first in a series of posts by AREVA on the uses for Uranium, this one on medical isotopes: ..."More than 40 million medical isotopes are used every year around the world, and many of the isotopes are produced right here in Canada. Each week In Canada alone, 30,000 nuclear diagnostic scans are performed, and there are about 300 therapeutic doses administered. Demand around the world is growing as the medical community seeks safe, non-invasive ways of diagnosing and treating serious diseases. This increased demand is causing medical facilities around the world to look for safe producers of uranium to be used in isotope production – that’s where AREVA comes in. Seventeen percent of the world’s uranium and about a third of the world’s medical isotopes are produced here in Canada. With 16 percent of the world’s uranium production, including over 4% from its Canadian assets, AREVA is dedicated to the safe and ethical production of uranium for potential uses like this, and the Kiggavik Project may help address some of the world’s growing demand for medical isotopes."

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