Friday, 20 July 2012

Radiation risk from tests are worth diagnostic information

Radiation risk from tests are worth diagnostic information: ...""First, do no harm" is a concept as relevant to modern medicine as it was to the ancient Greeks. Tasked with the well-being of those entrusted to their care, even the youngest medical student understands it is better to do nothing than take an action harmful to patients.
With the rapid advancement of medical technology, are we unintentionally causing harm to our patients? Advances in diagnostic medical imaging have been enormously beneficial to patient care. Illnesses that defied diagnosis in the past can be detected and treated at earlier stages, resulting in better treatment and outcomes for our patients."
"The risk of developing cancer from a CT scan is so small it has been hard to measure. Linking the words "cancer" and "radiation" together in a sentence is frightening, but combining these two words with "child" is even more terrifying for a parent. However, it is very important to place risk in perspective. Diagnostic tests such as CT scans are incredibly important and useful tools. Such tests can detect the causes of serious and potentially fatal conditions.
When used for the proper indications, the risk of death or disability from missing such important medical information dwarfs the small risk from medical radiation. It's important for a parent to understand the significant benefits of an examination in comparison to the small risk and be a partner with their physician in the care of their child."

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