Wednesday, 13 June 2012

MENA offers over $300 billion to contractors

MENA offers over $300 billion to contractors: ..."Sources at Nuclear Energy Insider state that MENA nations, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan and Egypt are rapidly approaching multiple new nuclear construction and operation projects. This offers the global nuclear community over $300 billion worth of new contracts in the near future.
Since KEPCO secured the Middle East’s first tender for 4 new units to be constructed in the United Arab Emirates at a cost of $20 Billion, the Middle East and North African nuclear power industry has boomed. Currently the UAE’s national nuclear utility ENEC have announced a further 12 units to be developed, Saudi Arabia’s KA CARE will also have 16 units, Egypt and Jordan are planning their first and bordering nations such as Turkey are following suit quickly.
This boom in the nuclear construction market will generate over $300 billion in new contracts that will be available for tender over the upcoming years."

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