Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Candu Energy Inc. (Candu) works with UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to study deployment of EC6 reactors

perhaps there is hope for EC6 reactors: Candu Energy Inc. (Candu) works with UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to study deployment of EC6 reactors: ..."Candu Energy Inc. (Candu) is pleased to announce it has engaged with the United Kingdom's (UK) Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) to assist in providing alternative full lifecycle approaches for managing that country's fissile material stocks. The UK's preferred method is to re-use the material as mixed oxide (MOX) fuel.
"This is a great opportunity to build on the neutron efficient fundamentals of CANDU® technology which easily allows the use of alternate fuels without changing its core design," said Ala Alizadeh, Candu's Senior Vice President, Marketing & Business Development. "CANDU technology is well-suited to deliver a timely and cost effective disposition of UK fissile material stocks based on proven design."
Candu has demonstrated its ability to safely and efficiently use alternate fuels, including spent fuels from other technologies, in the Qinshan reactor in China and in the recycling of MOX fuel in AECL's Chalk River reactor in Canada. CANDU reactors have the ability to run 100% MOX fuel with no loss in electricity production and have a proven track record of on-schedule, on-budget international project delivery.
The study will culminate this year in a report on the commercial feasibility of building Generation III Enhanced Candu 6® (EC6®) reactors in the UK, burning MOX fuel and producing power for the consumer together with constructing the associated infrastructure and facilities needed to manufacture CANDU MOX fuel.
"This study re-opens the door to introduce CANDU technology," said Alizadeh. "A positive outcome of the study will allow us to re-engage with the UK regulator in licensing our evolutionary EC6." Candu will build on its earlier technical studies where MOX fuel was manufactured and tested in-core."

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