Friday, 30 March 2012

Request for Expression of Interest (RFEOI) for AECL/Chalk River Labs: submit your ideas directly to the Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver

As you may remember the deadline for the Request for Expression of Interest (RFEOI) for future of AECL/Chalk River Labs by the government is fast approaching! it is in fact April 2... there are still a few days remained and you could make a difference. Here is a link to the local MP's website in which you could directly "send your comments, ideas, responses or any information you would like to share, to Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver before April 2, 2012. All submissions are confidential." ... As the MP says: "this is your chance to be part of the re-structuring process. You can either sit back and let others determine your future, or you can play a part. Share your first-hand knowledge of potential opportunities."... "If you do nothing else except express your confidence in the future of science and technology in Canada’s nuclear industry, you will have played an important part in this process." it is our responsibility to take part in shaping the future of this important national treasure, so please send your ideas/comments as to what you'd like to see happen at CRL ASAP:

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