Monday, 12 March 2012

Honourable Rob Norris on Saskatchewan's nuclear investments

The Honourable Rob Norris on Saskatchewan's nuclear investments, a must watch video: "2012 Canadian Nuclear Association Conference and Trade Show.
The Honourable Rob Norris on the Government of Saskatchewan's plan for the future of the province's nuclear industry." paraphrasing: "we are working to adding value through innovation, we are very focused and energized to adding value to uranium though nuclear research in medicine, materials science, small reactor modules... we have been working on CLS in producing medical isotopes ($12M investment), Canadian Centre for nuclear innovation has been established and funded, research cyclotron, partnership with Hiotachi GE in nuclear research allowing us to make real progress, and recent announcement for uranium sale to China... SK intends to gain leadership role in nuclear R&D and we know we need partnerships as these could not be done alone"

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