Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Lessons to learn from Fukushima

What lessons could be learned from the events in Fukushima almost a year ago? This is a good read, the key is that nuclear industry requires a "clear, stable and long-term government policies", perhaps important lessons here also for Canada too: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/matt-bennett/fukushima-nuclear_b_1234077.html "Watching the coverage of the tsunami's impact on the Fukushima plant was undeniably frightening, and some now have concluded that nuclear energy is just too risky for use in the United States. We believe that the opposite is true: that it is far too risky for the U.S. not to keep nuclear energy as a significant part of our electric power mix.".... and "To get the renaissance fully back on track, the nuclear industry must have clear, stable and long-term government policies to tap the full potential of nuclear energy. That means that as we think about nuclear energy on the anniversary of Fukushima, we make sure that we are thinking about risk accurately and fully. If we do, we think a consensus can emerge behind a national energy policy that actively encourages the use of nuclear energy to provide safe, emissions-free electricity that helps drive economic growth."

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