Sunday, 15 January 2012

Myths surrounding the use of nuclear power

This is a great read/listen, an interview with Terry Krieg discussing some of the myths surrounding the use of nuclear power. "I converted from an anti to pro nuclear in 1981 during a year on teacher exchange in Toronto, Canada where I had to confront nuclear power head on. My family, six of us, depended on nuclear power, I visited the Pickering Nuclear Power Station in Toronto, stood there in front of an open reactor ready for recharge, inspected the spent fuel cooling ponds, walked across the top of an operating reactor at the Chalk River Nuclear Research Station, went underground in two uranium mines and got a sample bag of yellowcake (I still have it).
Following that I returned to Australia a pro-nuke. I’m not a scientist, know little about nuclear physics, chemistry and engineering, but since 1998 through almost continuous study, have developed a good understanding of the nuclear power generating industry. Following are facts which overturn some of the myths about nuclear power."

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