Monday, 9 January 2012

Another milestone for U of Saskatchewan's nuclear research centre

Another milestone for U of Saskatchewan's nuclear research centre: "The University of Saskatchewan's new nuclear research centre has its board of directors in place and will start accepting project proposals within the next few months." Great leadership and vision by Saskatchewan backed up true commitment!!! 
"The centre is focused on creating research with "outcomes that benefit society," said interim director John Root, who is also the director of the National Research Council's Canadian Neutron Beam Centre.
The centre has targeted four areas of research: Nuclear medicine, nuclear materials science, safety and engineering, and the environment and other social aspects of nuclear science. Root said examples of research that could happen include improving the delivery of radiation in medical procedures and improving nuclear safety technology.
The centre will help organize research projects with academics and funding sources. Researchers will submit project ideas and funding proposals to the centre that are then reviewed by outside experts. The centre's focus is on local researchers, who can also partner with outside academics, governments or industry for funding or in-kind help."

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