Sunday, 5 June 2011

NRU status update released on June 2:

NRU is still planned to be re-started on July 17: "AECL has finished inspecting one of the repair sites and a second site inspection is now in progress. Final results of the first inspection, and preliminary results of the second, indicate that the welds applied during the repair last year are sound and there has been no change in the thickness of the NRU vessel wall. The data also confirms that no pitting corrosion is taking place.
The inspection equipment being used to conduct the examination is custom built to be used in a reactor that is fueled and filled with heavy water. AECL is experiencing impediments in deploying some of the inspection equipment. As a result, AECL will defer some of the scope of this outage to planned outages in July and August. The NRU will return to service on June 17, 2011 as planned."

"Beyond the in-vessel inspection work, the 33-day planned outage provides AECL with the opportunity to conduct other activities requiring more time than the regularly scheduled 5-day monthly outage allows. Some activities that have been successfully completed over the past week include replacing the fast neutron pump and conducting valve maintenance in the NRU process water system", See:

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