Thursday, 9 June 2011

NRU Status Report #05 just released,

NRU on track to be restarted up on June 17, It is good to see that AECLis trying to avoid project creep and is intending to restart it on the planned date of June 17, some details of the work being done: ‎"AECL has inspected two areas of the reactor vessel. Preliminary results of the examinations indicate that there has been no change in the vessel wall thickness since completion of the repair work last year and no pitting corrosion is taking place. Results also confirm the welds applied during the repair last year continue to be sound. The final set of inspections of a third area of the reactor is nearing completion. " and "'The inspection equipment being used to conduct the work is custom built to be used in a reactor that is fueled and filled with heavy water. As reported in Status Update #04, AECL continues to experience impediments in deploying some of the inspection equipment. Inspections will continue until June 10, at which time activities will be initiated in order to return NRU to service on June 17, as planned. The remaining scope of inspection work will be deferred to future, regularly scheduled outages. The next regularly scheduled outage will be in July. AECL briefed the CNSC on the planned outage currently underway at a public hearing in Ottawa yesterday.
Beyond the in-vessel inspection work, the 33-day planned outage provides AECL with the opportunity to conduct other activities requiring more time than the regularly scheduled 5-day monthly outage allows. Some activities that have been successfully completed over the past week include the installation of a new ion chamber, completion of process water valve and weir maintenance allowing process water to be returned to service, and fire water piping replacements. Ongoing activities focus on installation of a new NRU control room fire wall, a seal replacement on one of the reactor’s main heavy water pumps and preventive and corrective work on the Experimental Loops 1 and 2." Read more:

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