Friday, 1 March 2013

Statement by Bruce Power on Federal direction of Nuclear Laboratories

Statement by Bruce Power on Federal direction of Nuclear Laboratories: "The model being proposed by the Federal Government represents a unique, public-private model based on a government-owned, contractor-operated approach. As Canada's only private sector nuclear operator, Bruce Power will continue to participate in the process as a customer that relies on services from the AECL Nuclear Laboratories.
Canada's nuclear industry is a reliable source of affordable electricity that keeps prices low for our families and businesses, while protecting the air we breathe. Over the past 11 years, through the Bruce Power public-private partnership model, the company has secured $7 billion in private investments into public assets, revitalizing the Bruce site to its full operational potential. This has supported the phase out of coal electricity in Ontario, which is one of the largest climate change initiatives in North America."

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