Tuesday, 11 December 2012

More Glory Days for Chalk River?

Interesting perspective from David Jackson: More Glory Days for Chalk River? http://reactorscanada.com/2012/05/31/more-glory-days-for-chalk-river/ perhaps that has been and continues to be the worst mistake eliminating “curiosity oriented research”: "When I left in 1996 the decline of CRL was reaching its climax in a process of decay that had started in the mid 1960’s. The steady erosion over the foregoing years culminated in the cancellation or transfer of the best scientific programs under the government program review process of that era. A dismal succession of weak and ineffectual leaders tried to preserve the labs through dubious commercialization schemes and strived to eliminate “curiosity oriented research” because they thought it was what the government wanted them to do. The problem was that most of the management simply didn’t understand how the Ottawa bureaucracy worked and those who did understand didn’t stick around enough to make a difference."

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