Sunday, 16 September 2012

Point Lepreau to return to service at end of month

Point Lepreau to return to service at end of month: ..."The Point Lepreau nuclear generating station is scheduled to commence service at the end of the month, NB Power confirmed in filings Tuesday.
That start date hasn't changed in two years, even though crews finished most key jobs at Lepreau months earlier than expected.
It's raising questions about what's taking so long and whether Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. is being wrongly blamed for three years of delays and $1 billion in cost overruns.
"We believe that AECL could not deliver what they promised to deliver," Premier David Alward said last month.
However, there's evidence that NB Power caused delays of its own, including the commissioning of Lepreau, which is underway now."

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