Saturday, 19 May 2012

Point Lepreau engineers in strike position

Point Lepreau engineers in strike position: "Michelle Duncan, a union spokesperson, said since the federal government sold Atomic Energy of Canada Limited to SNC-Lavalin, there's been an exodus of Canadian nuclear specialists."... "In New Brunswick, the Opposition Liberals said in June that the possible sale of AECL could have major repercussions for the province as it grapples with cost overruns at its Point Lepreau nuclear power plant.
The provincial Tory government has been looking to Ottawa to cover roughly $1 billion in additional costs incurred during the Lepreau refurbishment, which is being overseen by AECL.
Ottawa said last June it will retain responsibility for liabilities related both to Point Lepreau and the Bruce power station in Ontario, which is also being refurbished but is three years behind schedule and at least $2 billion over budget.
AECL has been struggling to modernize its technology to keep up with rivals Areva, Westinghouse, Hitachi and others.
The company lost $800 million last year, and has not sold a new reactor since the 1990s. However, some reports said AECL's business was hindered by a cap on new contracts that the government had ordered during the sale process, to avoid having the company burdened with new liabilities."

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