Saturday, 10 September 2011

Atomic Ivan movie

Can't wait to see this film! "projecting an image of modern young scientists; promoting the idea of continuity of skills and culture between generations of nuclear workers; illustrating the true nature of the nuclear industry; and attracting a target audience through modern, topical cinematic language and expression."

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  1. Atomic Ivan wins Rio de Janeiro´s Yellow Oscar Award
    “Atomic Ivan” is the Best Feature Fiction Movie of the Third International Uranium Film Festival Rio de Janeiro 2013. The 2012 produced film Atomic Ivan by VASILY BARKHATOV from Russia won the Yellow Oscar 2013 in Rio de Janeiro. The romantic comedy “Atomic Ivan” is a debut film of famous theatre director Vasiliy Barkhatov from Moscow based on the script of world-known playwright Maxim Kurochkin. The Shooting of the film took place at the Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant, about 200 km North West of Moscow, and at the Leningrad Power Plant 70 km close to St Petersburg. It was the first time that Russian’s nuclear agencies opened their doors to filmmakers.

    Uranium Film Festival ends with Samba of Rio de Janeiro’s famous Favela Mangueira, where Rio´s Samba was born

    In typical Brazilian style with Samba and Caipirinha Magnifica ended the 3rd International Uranium Film Festival of Rio Janeiro 2013 in the cinema of the Modern Art Museum (MAM). A band of Rio de Janeiro’s famous Favela Mangueira, where Rio´s popular Samba was born, played for the selected audience with the presence of Atomic Bomb Survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the festival winners. In total six Films from six countries - Russia, India, USA, Estonia, Jordan and Germany - were honored with the Uranium Film Festival’s trophy, the Yellow Oscar. Between May 16th and May 26 the festival screened 52 documentaries and fiction movies from 19 countries.